Tascalı İngilizce

Istanbul Gelisim University
VI. International Middle East Symposium
24th-26th March 2020
Seeking of Stability in the Middle East

Middle East region is the emphasis of international politics due to the ongoing conflicts as a consequence of the global power scuffle. The hegemonic struggle between the regional and global powers and the enlargement of ongoing problems such as "ethnic and sectarian conflicts", "terrorism" and "refugee crisises" have become the main characteristic of the region. However, theoretical perspectives based on Western perceptions such as "nation-state" and "modernization" usually leads the regional scholars to overlook the unique dynamics and political streaks in the region. In order to introduce the approaches that will potentially bring peace and stability to the region, there is a need for further researching that takes into account the specifications and characteristics of the region.
In this context, VI. International Middle East Symposium that will be held in the spring semester of 2019-2020 academic year in Istanbul Gelisim University objectives to emphasis on "instability in the Middle East" in a solution-oriented manner with contributions from distinguished researchers and academics from different countries. By examining the causes of instability with its political economical, historical and cultural aspects, it is aimed to introduce new perspectives that would help to establish sustainable developments and everlasting peace in the region.