Changing Balances of Power in the Middle East and Their Repercussions on Turkey

(31 March 2016)


9:30 Opening

10:00-11:15: FIRST SESSION

Moderator: Assoc.Dr. R. Kutay Karaca (İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi)

Syrian Crisis and Turkish Policies

Prof. Dr. Özden Zeynep Oktav (Yıldız Teknik University)

Middle East from the Perspective of the Relations Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Prof. Dr. Hasan Onat (Ankara University)

The Internal Dynamics in Iraq and Their Impact on Foreign Policy

Dr. Ali Semin (BİLGESAM)

11:30-13:00: SECOND SESSION

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Hasan Onat (Ankara University))

The Unclear Future of USA’s Middle East Policies

Prof. Dr. Nurşin Ateşoğlu Güney (Yıldız Teknik University) / BİLGESAM)

Turkey’s Middle East Policies after Arab Spring

Doç. Dr. Mehmet Şahin (Gazi University)

The Impact of the Developments in Middle East upon Turkey-Western World Relations

Prof. Dr. Ertan Efegil (Sakarya University)

13:00-14:30: LUNCH

14:45-16:15 THIRD SESSION

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Borovalı (İstanbul Gelişim University)

The Legal and Conceptual Problems in the Migration Policy of EU

Prof. Dr. Ercüment Tezcan (Galatasaray University)

The Military Presence of Russia in Syria and New Balances of Power

Assoc.Dr. Bekir Günay (İstanbul University)

Middle East Policies of China

Assist.Dr. Emine Akçadağ Alagöz (İstanbul Gelişim University)